Secure WatchDog

Our Secure WatchDog software extension software uses a cloud based approach to extend the privacy and security of the originating trusted and secure network to offline and extended use on modern devices.  Ideally any device that connects to a network will be able to utilize the Network WatchDog and WiFi WatchDog solutions to ensure trust and security in any environment. Sometime, it is not possible to extend a network to anywhere, such as where no network is available yet threats can still exist that can compromise a device and its applications and data.  Our Secure WatchDog software utilizes the same encryption and safety that is established on the originating trusted and safe WiFi environment to keep data and applications safe on a device even when it cannot connect back to the original network.  In the growing world of valuing more and more digital assets, both personal as well as corporate, it is increasingly important to protect and keep safe the information and applications on our devices regardless of their environment.  We should not give up secrets in places where it is considered unsafe to do so.  Because we utilize the originating network as well as the extended network we are able to enforce these types of policies far more effectively than other solutions that cannot offer the simplicity and availability of trust of all devices and networks throughout a communication ecosystem.