In 2019, an estimated 2 million cyber attacks resulted in more than $55 Billion in reported losses for businesses and government. In fact, malicious incidents have been established as the #1 threat facing most organizations from small to large.

Our devices use cloud-based AI software to identify and thwart attackers engaged in malicious activities.



Guard Dog Solutions is quickly becoming the premier thought leader in security solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the world.

To address the current and future demand for wireless cyber security, GDS offers products to cover the personal, small, medium and large WiFi networks.

The products are comprised of network overlay devices paired with existing access points and software as a service (SaaS) that reside in the cloud.


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Guard Dog Solutions Offerings 


GuardDog - Uses cloud-based AI software to identify threats engaged in unauthorized surveillance and malicious activities. Upon identification, GuardDog responds in real-time with an escalating series of countermeasures to effectively stop the attacks from taking place.


WatchDog- A Network Threat Intelligence tool providing insights into system and device potential vulnerabilities from the network perimeter inward.

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