Partner Program

Guard Dog Solutions Channel Marketing & Sales Program


Guard Dog Solutions (GDS) Channel Marketing and Promotion is a push and pull strategy. The “Push” marketing and promotion is too, and with, value added resellers, managed service providers and systems integrators in highly qualified horizontal and vertical markets (listed below) that address the Small to Medium size Businesses (SMB) with existing customers. And the GDS “Pull” marketing will draw prospects to the knowledge of GuardDog and its key features, advantages and benefits.

Today’s resellers in the SMB market do not have any network intrusion detection with an AI proactive network self-defense that eliminates any attempted threat. Simply put, GuardDog is an always alert and effective guard dog that will neutralize anything that breaks into an SMB’s WiFi networks.

GuardDog with ATR can turn any reseller into a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), leveling the playing field for resellers servicing SMBs and Enterprises alike, and create recurring revenues from managed security services with no additional expensive, and hard to find SecOps professionals.

GuardDog extends autonomous proactive cyber security to the WiFi networks that are outside of, and connected to the corporate network perimeters existing, reactive cyber defenses that require SecOps professionals to execute threat remedies after a threat has been identified.


Guard Dog Key Features, Advantages and Benefits:

  • Current network defense offerings are primarily focused on corporate networks and must run on each device – GuardDog runs independently of the endpoints themselves – it is an ideal solution for public WiFi markets which have a diverse array of endpoints
  • Existing products are defensive in nature (maintain the corporate network perimeter against the attack) whereas GuardDog is unique with its proactive, and autonomous, implementation of countermeasures that neutralize the attack before it can occur
  • GuardDog is much easier and has lower cost to implement, and uses AI for very effective real time monitoring
  • WatchDog, and the WatchDog component of GuardDog, when performing threat intelligence and detection, also identify network issues inside the network that could be remedied to make the network more secure, and it provides this information in a findings report. The analysis findings are additional management and revenue opportunities for GDS resellers, that most do not have the information to do today.


Guard Dog Solutions Products:

To address the current and future demand for wireless cyber security, Guard Dog Solutions will offer products to cover the personal, small, medium, and large WiFi and 5G networks with a SaaS based Subscription Model whereby pre-paid annual subscriptions revenue will be shared with the Channel Partners whereby participating in reoccurring revenue with cross-sale and up-sale additional services forthcoming.

GuardDog - Uses cloud-based AI software to identify threats engaged in unauthorized surveillance and malicious activities. Upon identification, GuardDog responds in real time with an escalating series of countermeasures to effectively stop the attacks from taking place. Guard Dog auto provisions itself once physically installed and power connected.

WatchDog - Is a Network Threat Intelligence tool that offers insights into system and device potential vulnerabilities from the viewpoint of the network perimeter inward. GuardDog auto provisions itself once physically installed and power connected.

DemoDog – preconfigured, generic “black box” enclosure, coupled with a WiFi hotspot, and demonstration scripting for a couple of different kinds of network threats.


Guard Dog Solutions Reseller Channel Goals:

To grow WatchDog & GuardDog market share in Threat Intelligence & Detection market.

To establish first-to-market with AI-assisted Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that includes capabilities to autonomously Identify, Disarm and, Disable the source of threatening behaviors to WiFi wireless networks before a threat can be executed into an attack.

To partner with the best Channel partners for cybersecurity, managed services, and wireless networks in each of the target markets (listed below), and complimentary wireless network and security resellers.

To create first-to-market, defendable, wireless network cybersecurity opportunities for GDS Channel Partners that are unique, and which will differentiate them from their competitors.

To partner with the best Channel partners for each of GDS target SMB markets. An SMB is traditionally a Small to Mid-sized business, and may include remote offices of enterprise businesses:

  • Business - Shared Offices, Remote Offices, Guest WiFi
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants
  • Retail – Stores, and Shopping Malls
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Offices
  • Travel & Tourism – Airports & Airplanes, Ports & Cruise Ships, Terminals & Trains
  • Financial Services – Branch Banks, Savings & Loans, Credit Unions, and other Financial Institutions
  • Sports & Entertainment – Stadiums, Entertainment Halls & Venues
  • Education & Non-Profit – Universities, K-12, Churches, and other Non-Profit Organizations
  • Government – Local, State and Federal & Defense
  • Public Wireless Networks (WiFi, 5G, etc.) – Carriers, Utilities, and other Public Network Providers