Guard Dog Solutions FAQ


What do we need to know about public Wi-Fi?

WiFi is inherently vulnerable. It was not designed to be secure. It was created to provide access. We wanted to use all these great devices we have, but that number of devices has tripled even quadrupled in a short period of time. So, we are really playing catch-up. Now we need to bolt on the security elements necessary to make WiFi safe and secure.


What does GuardDog do that nobody else can do?

GuardDog has Proactive Threat Elimination technology which means that GuardDog can anticipate and look for bad behaviors that might happen and actually stop any threats before they become harmful.

Also, GuardDog, using AI, has the ability to learn or identify a problem and add it to the library or treasury of behaviors to watch for. This eliminates the possibility of human error in the current system, making the process simpler, reducing costs and deploying countermeasures in real time, not days or weeks later when the problem is discovered.


What can we do to be sure the wireless we’re using is safe?

1. Don’t use the default passwords that come with your devices. Change them immediately. Make them personal and memorable to you alone. String together names you know like children, grandchildren and pets followed by a number and a symbol. It is very difficult for computers to guess random words in that way.

2. If you have cameras in your home, know that hackers can and do watch and hear you. Either disable them or be sure to place them only where you might not care about absolute privacy.

3. Beware of the “evil twin.” When you sign on to a business or branded wifi, you may find two options that look similar or identical. Always ask which one is the correct wifi address. Hackers can and do create shadow accounts that would enable them to collect your information while thinking you are using the hotel or building secured wifi. Always ask.

We hear the words like Hacks, Attacks, Threats and Exploits – What’s the difference and what do we need to understand or know?

Hacking on its own isn’t a good or a bad thing. Like the term “life hack” it’s simply an effort to make something happen. But, when that “something” results in a negative outcome, then it becomes a bad thing. In this case all those words are used to express ways to do bad things – to access our information for their own benefit or to cause our stuff to not work. Attacks are a series of threats and the exploit is the entry point. The ability to stop the threats before they become attacks or exploits is the reason we created Guard Dog Solutions.


Where is GuardDog available today?

Guard Dog Solutions is focused on small to medium sized businesses. Very soon we expect to partner with consumer brands such as Cox, Comcast or ADT to bring this same level of superior security to consumers everywhere. Ask your internet provider for GuardDog, for your security and your peace of mind.