About Us

Offering trust and protection in unsafe and insecure places

The security has continually evolved as what can only be described as a digital arms race around cybersecurity.  As our computational powers get better, and our experiences along with them, the ability for attacks and exploiting vulnerabilities get better with them.  Like any other arms race, it seems a never-ending game of cat and mouse where even “zero day” vulnerability techniques for patching and preventing fall short of keeping our growing number of devices and applications safe and secure whose information and data can be considered our most valuable assets. Each new technology and technique that has evolved out of the concepts of encryption, whitelisting and blacklisting have only been met with comparable opposing vulnerabilities that can be exploited.  It almost seems as though insecure has been more synonymous with unsecure when it comes to cybersecurity. 

In a mobile world where we are bringing more and more devices with us to make our communications more effective and automated, it seems most of the networks we interact with come with some warning about the danger of using it and “use at your own risk” type of user agreement.  Once we use these networks with our devices all our other networks that might have once been trusted, can now be considered unsafe as well due to not knowing what we have brought into it.  Unsecured environments spread to what used to be considered secure until there are nearly no safe and secure environments that can truly be trusted.  In our environments where we need either an “always trusted environment” to connect through or we are left to being susceptible the weakest links our “internet of things” (IoT) devices and mobile devices connect to and through.

Guard Dog Solutions has a radically simple and secure, fully manageable solution that takes a radical new approach to ensuring security and therefor trust in unsecured places. 

Our solutions begin by creating a trusted, safe and secure WiFi environment from which to communicate safely and securely.  We use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate responding to bad behaviors to correct them until they are no longer a threat to the trust and security of the network for all the citizen devices that might use it. What this means, is that if you are a device that is not attacking or threatening attacking other devices or the network itself, we not only ensure the best experience possible, but also can take a heavy handed approach to would be attackers that compromises the integrity of the trusted network.  If on the other hand, you are a would be attacker, the network itself utilizes AI and autonomous threat responses (our techniques are patent pending) appropriate to the force used in order to shut down and make the threat go away.

We literally attack attackers until they are no longer a threat!

Once we have a trusted, safe and secure WiFi environment from which to communicate safely and securely, we can utilize privacy tools such our cloud delivered Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution to ensure that the safety of that network can be extended to unknown networks regardless of their location or network type.  We extend the same protecting and enforcing of policies from the network we trust to any other network to keep all of our devices, applications and valuable data safe.

We are capable if desired through our system to also keep track of safe and trusted networks that have autonomous threat response so that there is no need for redundant enforcement of security policies and responses.  Current hotspots benefit greatly from being able to brand themselves as not just “wild west” “use at your own risk” networks many of which are pay to use, but now able to ensure a safe environment that is not so safe for bad guys or bad behavior. 

We will keep attacking back until the threats go away.  We will escalate our attacks as they escalate theirs until the threat goes away.