How to Participate


If you would like to join us in achieving Guard Dog Solutions' mission, we are completing the placement of early and growth stage investment in Q1-2 of 2020 advancing our presence as quickly as possible to small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) through the VAR, MSP (and MSSP) channels.

The Company is poised to produce its first commercial grade products in Q2 to immediately address securing the industries that provide public and shared Wi-Fi locations such as hotel/hospitality, universities, airports, hospital/healthcare facilities, civic and government centers, RV parks and entertainment facilities as well as channel providers for businesses that are supporting a rapidly increasing number of people who are working remotely or in place in response to the Coronavirus threat. 

We will be partnering with ISP’s, Electronic Security Providers (ESP’s) and Affiliate Marketers to address the Virtual Home and Consumer markets in the second half of 2020. The company is pursuing joint ventures with providers of smart home security, with direct to consumer offerings anticipated before the close of the year.  


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About Guard Dog Solutions 

Guard Dog Solutions, Inc. (GDS) available to investors, channel partners and public Wi-Fi customers. The GDS mission is to become the world’s premier provider of smart security solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).