Guard Dog Solutions offers the first AI solution to detect your cyber security vulnerability.

This is especially critical for people who are working remotely and need to guarantee their data is safe. 

The Answer To TODAY’s Problem Is Here

  • 71% of us consider where to stay when traveling based on Wi-Fi accessibility
  • 49% of us consider a strong signal vital to our ability to get around via Maps, Google Maps or other GPS apps, according to Norton/Symantic research
  • 60% of us believe our data is safe
  • 87% of us have engaged in activities on Wi-Fi that have put our private information at risk 

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We are supporting a rapidly increasing number of people who are working remotely or in place in response to the Coronavirus threat.  READ MORE…

Guard Dog Solutions utilizes AI-based behavioral analysis to effectively profile attackers and proactively eliminate threats before they occur.  READ MORE…

GDS offers products to cover the personal, small, medium and large WiFi networks.  READ MORE…


GDS on a talk show
Guard Dog Solutions' own Peter Bookman and Bill Flury visited Good Day Orange County to share tips on staying safe while using WiFi